The week in reviewGoodVids is an aggregator of video content. We prioritize curated lists as can be seen in the first "...recommends" section of this home page. Every week we make contact with an interesting figure in the Twitterverse and pick their brain.

In addition we build lists of recommended content drawn directly from your Twitter follows and mutuals. Everything you see on this site is built from an ever-expanding knowledge of what your chosen network finds interesting. GoodVids changes as your Twitter network does so it is always fresh.

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GoodVids is built for Twitter users. It works by surfacing the videos that your network of follows finds compelling. The algorithms that drive the application are smart where it counts and dumb where it does not. We do not run ads, incorporate promotional content, or base our recommendations on any self-serving metrics like time spent on the site. Our goal is to help you find new content that makes you happy.

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